Crisp loving, procrastinating life lover.

A tale of bimbling frustration, gear acquisition and often a mountain or two for a view. A middle aged town dweller, with a love for a lager and an unexpected adventure.

Actually, things are not quite like that. The crisps are slowly going and the belly is following faithfully behind. Lager consumption is now down to special occasions and I make sure that there ARE special occasions to indulge. Life is a changing. I climb a little but get out a lot into the magnificent outdoors and generally try to fit a 20 year old’s outlook into a 46 year old carcass. I sleep well.

My musical tastes are all over the hockey, just like my other interests and I don’t dye my hair. Anymore. At least I still have some.

If you see or read something on this blog and think to yourself, ‘I’d love to do that but…’ – take some inspiration from my battered and abused body. I have a thousand reasons I could use to avoid getting out there, from lack of funds to arthritis but I want some tales to tell the great grand kids when I’m on my deathbed.

Be a participant in your own life… because you’re worth it.

*Urgh. That was sickening.


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