Sunshine summer shots.

No doubting – it’s been a fine summer in the UK. It wasn’t hard to find blue skies most weekends and even tho I somehow contrived to work too many of them… when I did get out, I was happy to be in Britain.

Lunch time!

The Aonach Eagach on Saturday was followed by Curved Ridge on Sunday. Perhaps one of the best trips to Scotland I’ve experienced. Even the midges stayed calm.

Curved Ridge


Wales played it’s usual large part in my life with a first trip to Pembroke and of course the Ogwen Valley enjoyed some serious heat at times. I even fled to the sea mists of Tremadog one weekend, as the Pass was just far too hot. Who’d have thought eh?

Ogwen Valley

A road trip through France and Spain this last couple of weeks cemented the idea in my head – when it’s dry on this small island, I want to be nowhere else.


6 responses to “Sunshine summer shots.

  1. Welcome back – glad the year has continued in a fine vein after Llewidd!
    Have to ask though – what about when it’s snowy and cold 😉

    • Alright mate – nearly posted one of you 😉 but restrained myself! Next post is about that castle in France they are building old style – Guedelon?

      • Probably wise…
        Guedelon looks fantastic – nearly went when I took the kids to D****yland. Settled for whatching a joust in Provins instead!

      • Worth a look for someone like you – I ‘broke’ into the cellar, managed to see the well stone they have down there. Got some photos as flash was the only way to see!

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