The New Forest

We decided to fit in a quick camping weekend in the New Forest before the weather turned too cold for Martyn, Martin and Matt. There’s a fair few campsites to choose from and we picked one not too far from Brockenhurst, slap bang in the middle of the cycle routes. There’s not a lot to say about the mountain biking – it’s easy trails for the most part with some tarmac travelling to negotiate. Adrenalin plays no part other than when the passing cars zip past a little too closely.

There’s a plethora of cafes and pubs to choose from – cream teas abound and a lunchtime pint is definitely the order of the day. My rear derailleur broke on the second day, so I limped back to the site and read for a few hours whilst the others enjoyed fine weather on two wheels.

Can’t say I’d bother heading back there, it seemed a ‘nothingy’ sort of place to cycle but I suppose if we’d have planned our day better, we could have hacked to the coast and enjoyed an ice cream with sea views… oh, did I mention the horses?



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