Canon S95 – A fresh start.

Point and shoot baby. 110 cassette films made me happier than faffing with a 35mm film and auto everything made me a lazy lad when it come to taking a picture. Times change and the ability to take a million shots with digital means most will shoot a ‘wooow’ frame or two at some point in their lifetime. It’s those photos, the ones that are framed well and the light’s just so, that make photography a frustrating challenge for me personally. I’d like them all to have the ‘wooow’ factor, however, I know that’s never going to happen without a decent camera and an altered attitude from the person pressing the buttons – me.

There were certain needs – small, sturdy, simple. It’ll be stuffed in a pocket when I’m climbing, hence the need for the three S words. I like a bargain too, so I sought some advice from mates who knew about these things and followed that up with a few cramming sessions on the interweb. Ideally, I wanted a camera I could grow into, yet wasn’t the size of a DSLR. The Panasonic LX5 was almost there but in the end, the Canon won due to its size. Jeans pocket size as opposed to jacket pocket. Purchased a month ago with two spare batteries and a decent memory card for the grand sum of £253 from DigitalRev. Today was the first chance I’ve had to have a play with it, work and training has been my whole life lately and it’s sat on the shelf staring sullenly at me for four weeks now.

I’ll admit I know nothing about photography. Exposure and shutter speed both let in more or less light but what the difference is… well, I’m at a loss. Already the camera is taking pictures that are white or black due to my adjusting the settings, not that I’m too worried about that, as that was the whole point of buying it. Why purchase a camera that shoots in RAW and allows all manner of manual fiddling if you’re just going to leave it on auto? Seriously tho, I need to acquire knowledge and turn it into decent pictures. So these are some of what I took today, some on auto and others with the fancy settings. Eek!

After I get the Alps out of the way, I’ll purchase Lightroom 4 but that will have to wait as I’m sure a couple of weeks in Switzerland will leave me bankrupt. That will be a whole new world of wonder and hopefully the new horizon will be crisp and sharp, a focused frame of wonder. We’ll see.


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