PHD – Customer Service

PHD manufacture some damn fine down clothing and sleep systems, they hold a sale twice yearly as a norm and one of the discounted deals in September 2009 was a Minimus styled synthetic overbag. Out came the debit card and mine was purchased forthwith. It’s not been used too much since then, in a snow hole that first winter and earlier this year in Morocco. It’s always had a Minim 300 snuggled inside and generally has an easy life. So I was rather surprised when I turned it inside out last week and found the inner coming apart. Small rips all along the stitching and the synthetic lining clearly visible. Hmmm.

I considered taking it round to a tailor mate of mine but if he re-stitched it, then the inside would be slightly smaller and the same thing may happen again. No, ringing PHD seemed the wise thing to do and get them to sort it properly, expensive kit looked after properly can and should last a lifetime. The phone was answered instantly, I explained the problem and within minutes I had an email authorizing repair. Royal Mail charged me £7.50 for insured special delivery last Tuesday afternoon and on Friday, my neighbours took delivery of a freshly fixed overbag. No charge. “PHD guarantees all its products against faults in manufacture and materials for the life of the product, subject to the limitations of normal wear and tear.” I hadn’t taken any notice of that bit when purchasing.

It’s always good to be positive, it’s fantastic when you can be about a UK company, one that produces products that compare well with any from around the world and then back that up with first class customer care. Take a bow PHD.


2 responses to “PHD – Customer Service

    • Aye – I was a bit surprised with the speed! I’d written the bag off for a while to be honest, it’s a nice repair too, it’s been modded and looks a lot stronger.

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