Those Welsh 3000s… again and again and again.

Text received a minute ago from Chiz – “Stel says yes. So cu friday. Will head to hut.

So it begins. I’ve entered my first running race, The Wall, on the 23rd of June. A mere matter of 69 miles from Carlisle to Gateshead and my plan has always been to spend the month of May travelling back and forwards to Wales. The Welsh 3000s is/are big, bad and beautiful, a challenge worthy of most and there’s not many who would shrug their shoulders and smile at the thought of completing them not once but hopefully three or four times in as many weeks.

This weekend I was planning on a gentle stroll with Chiz. Scratch that. We’re aiming for 12 hours, should be doable and we’re leaving a car in both valleys. This necessitates a walk back to Tryfan , so if the weather gods deign to be polite and the glycogen stores don’t have a closing down sale… we may just keep going. An out and back. That’s not the ‘goal’ but maybe the dream. Then it’s Tim’s turn the following weekend, you may remember him as he was in the adventure race. The Wall was his idea but due to his exams I’m on my own with that one now. With him being super fit I’m hoping I can run a bit of that attempt on the highest that Wales has to offer. George, the new members secretary at NLMC, is off to Denali in June and it made perfect sense to have a training weekend with me. I feel rather privileged to have such awesome company and can only hope that I can keep up with them all. Having completed the W3000s twice in 15 days a couple of years ago, at least I know what to expect. Monster energy consumption of thousands of calories, I can’t wait!


2 responses to “Those Welsh 3000s… again and again and again.

  1. So – how did it go then?
    I trust you left the ice axe at home or was the extra weight a training thing?!

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