Peanut butter sandwiches.

Hot toast and a good coating of melting peanut butter, it’s always been a fave even as a kid when my dad would disappear into the kitchen to make a bit of supper for everyone. I also like a brown sauce sandwich from time to time and eventually came to the conclusion that the best for bread combination was HP Sauce and Sunpat Crunchy. I’m starting to salivate as I write this…

It was all about adding a little kick, a trifle of tanginess to a sometimes dry experience. Some people turn their nose up at the thought the moment it’s spoken and that’s their loss not mine. I can’t see what the cousins from across the pond see in the jello and peanut butter combination, seems strange to me but you can’t doubt it’s popularity. My liking of hot food has slowly increased this last few years, either from age or scalding my tongue on too hot a mug of coffee at work. Either way, I’ve been adding a bit of chilli spiciness to my choices both at home and in a restaurant.

A while back, a couple of mates of mine started their own business making chilli sauces not more than a couple of miles from my abode. They got the branding spot on, up there with Levi Roots in my opinion and they’ve slowly been building a presence in the UK chilli industy, winning awards and increasing sales. If you’ve a few minutes, have a sense of humour and take your chillis seriously, have a watch of this youtube video, it’ll brighten your day.

The range has increased and as seen in the chillifoundry link they now make pickles, plus luckily for me – a range of chilli spreads, using almond, cashew and of course the old favourite, peanuts. Can this compare to brown sauce and peanut butter sandwiches? I wasn’t sure, I’m still not but it’s adds another option for one’s palate. Now I’ve seen the care that goes into the making of Paul and Kelly’s creations, emptied a pot of chilli peanut butter and have been comparing the spreads. I’m pretty useless at describing flavours and no expert on how food should and does taste, suffice to say that that I like the peanut one best. I prefer it on oat cakes as a snack before climbing in the evenings. Chilli for breakfast is too much for me unless I have a hangover. Then it works somehow.

I’d hazard a guess that the chilli cashew butter would be the choice of most. The jar is pretty much just nuts and is a cut above Sunpat or other alternatives. Chalk and cheese if you like and I can’t help but liking. Sinful Sauces – Made in Northampton. Sounds good to me!     


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