Off for a wildcamp…

Daughter is housesitting, well, when she’s not out getting tipsy and losing her phone AGAIN like last night. The Villain is packed, this time with real food, the Comp, a tarp and groundsheet… if that seems overkill, I’m away with Simon and his dog. The weather hasn’t got clue what it’s doing and I’d like a few options for sitting around in the evening. Cadair Idris and the Carneddau, in some order or another but essentially, there’s been no planning. I’d like a nose at Cyfrwy Arete and Simon wants to wake up mad, so that’ll be Sunday night sorted.

The half bottle of Jura Origin I managed to pick up in Tesco for 12 notes last night, will be long gone by then. Oh yeh – 11kgs, plus water and whisky. That’ll hurt.


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