Sweaty Rock at Stanage

Now there’s a thing I didn’t expect – rock that seems to seep in the sweltering sunshine that we’ve experienced this last week of March. Grit is odd, I’ve not worked it out at all. This was my first visit to the legend that is Stanage Edge, we climbed just above the Plantation and it was only my second time on grit.


It’s a cheat’s way to climb, the friction is just unbelievable when smearing but you pay in other ways – not many positive handholds, just rounded lumps of rock to slap a hand on. The worst bit is not going anywhere, I like my mountain routes and I’m definitely more of a mountaineer than a crag rat. Still, it was better than being at work and thanks to Pete and Mark, I had a great day.


Watching Mark solo happily behind us and than wrap a rope around his waist to scoot up a slab – there’s a lot to learn about grit, a different style of climbing and kit-wise, cams seem important here. Even more kit to purchase.




2 responses to “Sweaty Rock at Stanage

  1. Looks like a learning curve, short one but everyday’s a school day.

    It’s good to have guys to learn from. Thats how my climbings developed, slowly.

    Would like to check Stanage Edge out.

    • It’s different. I could see a real decent climber going there and having his arse whupped! Looking at the weather forecast… I’m glad we made time. Whereabouts do you climb Davy?

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