RIP my Featherlite smock

It’s truly been a life changing and trusty old friend. My Montane Featherlite smock, an original piece in a fetching blue, has finally been resigned to walking history. It may get used on the mountain bike on muddy days but it’s time as THE ‘go to’ garment for outdoor outings has passed. Even at the last however, it hasn’t let me down. Quite stupidly, I forgot to change the temperature setting on the washing machine and the poor old thing had to endure an 80 Celsius wash. An Arcteryx top gave up the ghost, a Saloman shirt disintingrated but the Featherlite came out much the same as it went in… minus a few shades of blue.


It was too baggy and flappy, wind noise could be horrendous but it changed the way I approached mountains and clothing massively. I can’t think of a better £16 I’ve ever spent, well done eBay, and it represents perhaps the best value for money item I have, certainly in terms of hours worn. Merino socks just don’t understand value for money.

The newer models pictured above on the right, had a slimmer cut and less wind noise and Pertex has moved on a bit, what with the Quantum fabric, so that hot wash gave me shopping options. What new windshirt to buy?

Found yesterday on the sale rail of the Climbers Shop in Ambleside… a Montane Slipstream Featherlite Smock, specially made for them and in shiny silver Pertex Quantum. The price made me smile, lots. £22.50. Meet my new best friend.


Hopefully it will last as well, the material makes me think it won’t but we’ll see. Silver… Buck Rodgers in the 21st Century.


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