Nutrition… or the lack of it.

Last Friday, enjoying a beer and a curry after what had been a decent effort on the training front, I realised I’d tweaked the left knee climbing a few hours earlier. I’ve been struggling with tight hamstrings and the inside of the left knee hasn’t been right in a few months but with the adventure race approaching fast, I’ve not really had the opportunity or the inclination to sort it. Stretching has been the only therapy and I’d taken it a bit too far that evening. Ah well.

The planned mountain bike session for both days at the weekend had to slip by and it was feet up on the sofa for a cramming google session on nutrition, DOMS, stretching… anything that might help post exercise recovery. So 5 days later I find myself the proud owner of a tub of PHD Pharma Whey, a shaker and an upbeat attitude thanks to an hour in the bouldering room. The knee feels good to go again.

As for the whey protein – will it help? Certainly, if all the ‘evidence’ is to be believed, it’ll help muscle recovery if taken within half an hour of exercise but what I really want to know is… will it taste good? With a two hour cycle planned for tomorrow afternoon, I’ll soon find out. 10 days till the Cumbrian Commotion and my first adventure race, I should have sorted this out ages ago!



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